Grizzly Adams Redux

Every once in a while I decide to try and see what life with facial hair would be like. It doesn’t happen often. Working where I’ve worked, I’ve never thought it appropriate. The only times then, that I really get to try it out, are when I’m on vacation, or when I’m unemployed. I never let it go much past five days or so because when I do I start to break out. My skin just can’t seem to take it. I think I look like a mess and the allure of a more masculine looking husband wears off as far as Stef’s concerned when the awkward stubble starts to get too long. I’ve never let it grow longer than a week because as good an idea as it seems when I start out, it never seems like a good idea for too long.

The last time I was unemployed I made a pledge to not shave till I got an interview. I was determined to stick by it, as if God would somehow look down, see how ridiculous I looked, and grant my wish just to get me to take out the razor. The ploy didn’t work. In fact it was only two days later that I finally broke down and shaved the scruff off. I did get an interview a couple of days later but it didn’t pan out.

In college I was always leary of growing a beard. I didn’t want to look like my Dad. My father and I share the same first name, the same general physique, the same basic face. I knew that if I allowed my facial hair to grow out I would end up looking like the spitting image of him twenty years younger. I cherished my individuality and during college I had my differences with my Dad and I was very adamant about how I didn’t want to turn out like him. College was difficult times and things have changed, but during those years I wanted to clear my own path and not follow in anyone’s footsteps.

Facial hair is manly. It’s a sign of strength. It’s something to hide behind, whether you’re talking about physical or emotional difficulties. I’ve just never felt like it fit on me. Sort of like sleeping with a bisexual African-American chick with red hair. I just had to try it once but I never could get used to the idea.

I have classes throughout this week through the career counseling service my old company set me up with and so I won’t be able to stay unshaven at all until Saturday or Sunday. If I don’t get any interviews next week it will be my first real chance to give this facial hair thing another try. I’m not sure if I’ll do it, but I’m tempted. It’s strange to be a guy and to never have tried the whole thing.

At least I think so.