Some housekeeping stuff: I probably won’t be getting on the SoapBox anytime before the week is out. With my deadline approaching, I hardly have time for my daily entries in this journal, let alone time to blog. That being said, I welcome anyone who wants to fill up that space this week, so that it doesn’t look hopelessly dusty.

I’m thinking that I might change the organizational format of that section as well. I toyed with the idea during a free moment last week, and though I didn’t have time to finish the concept, the general idea is that the SoapBox would be organized by date rather than by category. Each post would include a link that said something like, “Filed under Arts and Entertainment” so that you could see each of the A&E stories, but you’d get the newer stuff, regardless of category, up front, and I think I like that better. Seeing as I haven’t posted a Technology story since the week I relaunched the site, I think this new approach might be better. That way, outdated technology stories aren’t taking space away from more recent stuff.

We’ll see how this goes, though. If I don’t have time to post in the damn thing, what makes me think I’ll have time to update its look?

I bring up this housekeeping stuff because I don’t really have much to report on today. I did the part-time thing, I came home, Stef and I ate dinner, and we watched the fourth part of Roots. And now it’s time for bed.

I wonder if my site would get more play in the blogging/journal community, especially with archives stretching back more than ten years, if I only wrote better entries. Oh well. I guess I just save my good stuff for the fiction.