Cosmetic Changes

I made a few cosmetic changes to the site today. I increased the line-height in paragraphs appearing in the center column in order to make them a bit easier to read. I implemented the SoapBox design change that I mentioned yesterday. And, I standardized the “Sections” navigation across the site.

I like tinkering with the site and I like how easy it is to do so. The very nature of hypertext and the web is that it’s supposed to be easy to modify, that it’s really ever-changing. I haven’t felt this free to muck around with my site on a whim since I began publishing on the web back in 1996/97.

So, as inane as it might seem that I’m spending time here in my journal commenting on the silly things I’ve done with my webpage on this particular day, I’m not really going to give it another thought. I muck around with my webpage. It’s a hobby.

I also did some roaming about on, which is all about tags and categorization and such. It got me thinking that I’d like to really spend some time categorizing my existing posts. One of the things I already have to do is go through all of my existing entries to fix any errors caused by the move to Expression Engine. I figure that when I do that I might as well add some further categorization.

If you haven’t stopped reading already, feel free to stop now.