Up North Part One

On Saturday the fifth, Stef and I drove up north to see her family. We stopped for the afternoon in Conway, NH to see her dad and then spent the night in Maine at her mom’s. I think I had something more lively in mind when it came to celebrating being done with the first draft of my thesis, but I am a dutiful husband and, for the most part, at least on Saturday, I kept my mouth shut and tried to have a good time.

At her dad’s place, we mostly just talked and watched their dogs playing out in the yard. It was a nice enough time, as it always is. Steve gave me his copy of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius when the topic of books came up and I mentioned that it was the next thing I needed to read.

During the car rides, I did some planning regarding the next section of my novel, the final section that will not be included in the thesis. And I also got closer and closer to the end of Middlesex, which was growing ever harder to put down.

We reached Stef’s mom’s place shortly before sunset. As soon as the sun was done, Julee brought out the Cheez-Its and other snacks. Having had nothing to eat myself since a late-morning binge at Dunkin Donuts, I chowed down with them realizing I could never do this fasting thing myself.

And so, that was our Saturday up north. After dinner, I ended up laying down and basically fell right asleep.