Up North Part Two

I woke up on Sunday morning at Stef’s mom’s place in Maine and I got right back to work on reading Middlesex. The house was quiet following Stef and Julee getting up early to eat before sunrise, and I just plowed through. By the time Anisa and Bill arrived in the early afternoon, I was almost done with the book. I’d reached a particularly shocking part and I decided to put the book down and just let that last image linger in my head for a while.

I think that having this particularly bothersome image in my head all day led to my restlessness and irritability throughout the rest of our trip. My filter came off, I was saying all sort of potentially offensive, inflamatory things, and I was just generally grouchy. The nice thing is that they’re generally amused by my grouchiness.

After they opened presents, we headed off to Lewiston to see Stef’s brother Nate. We hung at his place for a while, then did dinner at a steakhouse. I had already had some Wendy’s on the way over, but I still stuffed my face at dinner, which made the ride home quite a gas.

Oy! Did I just write that?

Anyway, we said our goodbyes, got in the car, and drove home and then, very sleepily, crawled into bed and slipped off to dreamy-dream land.