Soma Soma Soma

This year not only marks the ten year anniversary of my high school graduation and the ten year anniversary of my first meeting Tori, Erik, and countless other Bradfordites, it also marks the ten year anniversary of the public debut of Brand X Detergent, later known as Soma.

Back in August 2004, at Beth’s going-away party, Andy, probably more than a little drunk, half-jokingly suggested that we should reform for one song to try and milk off of the last lingering bit of popularity our sonic gang seemed to still engender among one, or maybe two, of the party’s attendees. We’d learned a lot since we were punk-ass kids with no clue and could probably make a buck or two.

Probably two. And not much more than that.

But anyway, knowing full well that such a reunion could never happen in this dimension, I hatched in my head a secret plan to reunite the band in a sort of Beatles “Free As A Bird” kind of way. If Paul, George, and Ringo could make something out of some little bit of a John Lennon demo, then why couldn’t I do the same?

The idea is that I would take an Andy song, probably the one he did post-Soma for my senior project at Bradford, which we never got to use, which was just voice and acoustic guitar, and then I would build off of that. I’d loop a Beth the Bassist bass riff, at least for part of the song, and I’d loop a Dubner drum sequence (maybe the opening from “Labels” sped up a bit) for the bridge or something, and I’d grab some ethereal KenMills moment, maybe from “The End” and then I’d take new material from the people I’m still in regular contact with: myself and JonMartin (we’d do backing vocals or a new verse or something). I’d piece it all together and it’d be fucking fabulous.

Or not. But, I’ll still do it anyway.

But, regardless, I am kind of interested in creating, finally, after years of talking about it, a digital repository of all the material we did record. It’s crap, I know, but it was our crap, and that makes it more special, I think. I’ve spoken to Andy once or twice in the last year, and I’m still in regular contact with Jon and Beth, and semi-regular contact with Ken. Between the five of us, I think we probably have copies of everything that was ever recorded. If I could just gather up the stuff and put it all together, that would be wonderful.

The bug to make music never really leaves you. I’ve still got a half-dozen unfinished Pop Bubblegum Trash songs to get back to some day. And, believe you me, if I ever get my hands on a Mac with GarageBand on it, I will be making more music than any sane soul would ever wish on the world.