She’s Never Heard “Jeremy”?

A strange thing happened on Saturday night. Stef and I were lounging on the couch in our living room, flipping between VH1 Megahits and MTV (which was playing Real World reruns). During one of my flips to VH1 Megahits, I spied the once ubiquitous video for Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy”. I have this game I play with Stephanie, which she hates, where I ask her if she can name the band and/or the song when it comes on the radio/TV. I figured this one would be a no-brainer and might boost her confidence. I was shocked to hear her say she’d never heard the song and had no idea who the band was.

I wasn’t facing her at the moment that she responded, so I had to turn around to see if she was pulling my chain. She wasn’t and she had this look on her face like she was going to kill me, like I was making fun of her. I chuckled and explained that I thought anyone who lived in the 1990s would have recognized this song and then everything was better.

Something has occurred to me since that moment. Stephanie is the perfect partner for me when it comes to my pop-culture-centric art. She didn’t watch a lot of TV growing up. She didn’t listen to a lot of the popular music of the day. When I make obscure references that I just assume anyone will get, she’ll call me on it. Now, the “Jeremy” thing is an anomaly—most people would get a reference to “Jeremy”—but she is a great resource for checking my work.

She’s also a wonderful woman in many other ways. What can I say? I’m lucky.

She was even good enough to reassure me that I am not a total geek and loser for playing The Sims 2: University all day long*. Either that, or she is a very good liar.

*I did break for an hour or so for a phone conversation with Shera, so I do have some semblance of a social life.