Child-rearing, Real and Imagined

I played more of The Sims 2: University today, after spending the morning moving our cars around to allow the plow to get in and also taking time out to drive with Stephanie past the place where we’ll go tomorrow afternoon to discuss why my “troops” can’t follow orders. That is, of course, assuming that my “troops” are the problem and that it has nothing to do with Stephanie. I choose to believe it’s me, though, because blaming myself is a lot easier than accepting something is wrong with the woman I love.

Anyway, let’s not dwell on that. We’ll know more when we know more. That’s the end of it. I blame me. She blames her. We agree to disagree. Either way, we know we have a problem and we’re going to go deal with it.

Instead of talking about my own problems with child-rearing, I did consider going on a longwinded rant about how every child born within The Sims 2 eventually ends up with the same damn haircut. I thought it had something to do with a bug in my particular game, but I read some message board postings that tell me that is not so. And, anyway, going on a longwinded rant about a game that most of you fine readers don’t even play would probably alienate my core audience, now, wouldn’t it?

How exactly is it that you punctuate a sentence that ends with “now wouldn’t it?” I’ve always wondered that.

In fact, I have not always wondered that. I am a liar, a big, fat, stinking liar. Indeed, I am big. I am a little bit fat. And, I am a liar. So, perhaps, I am a bit of a truthteller as well.

What I am not, at least not tonight, is a good writer.