Lately, I have been wondering about the etymology of that most ubiquitous of New-Millennial vulgarities—the term “asshat”. I’ve seen the term tossed about on Internet message boards and I’ve heard it at least once or twice during conversations with the youth of the nation. Still, despite prolonged exposure to this wildly popular new cuss, I am unsure of its meaning, of what, in particular, it is trying to say, and of how anyone would even conceive of such a term.


It sounds vaguely homophobic to me, as, I suppose, all insults involving asses and cocks do. But, it also sounds just plain silly. What might an asshat be? Is this just another word for a condom, which, I guess, might be a kind of “hard-hat” you’d put on to protect yourself from the dangerous place you’re about to go? Or is asshat just meant to sound ridiculous and that’s the power of the insult? You’re an asshat! Because wearing a hat on your ass would be quite a silly thing to do,  you then feel ashamed and embarrassed—is that it?

Alas, after all this wondering, and after typing two paragraphs (three, if you count the one word fragment up there) of this entry, I found Asshat: the official site.

The “official site” defines it as such:

n. slang
1. A thoroughly contemptible, detestable person.
2. Tight fitting underwear
  [sny: asshole, asshead, assclown, asswad, asshot, assface, prick, faggot, whitey tighties]

There is also a Technorati tag for the word.

What, if I may be so bold to ask, is this fucking world coming to? What kind of insult is “asshat”? It’s stupid, stupid, stupid.

Whoever came up with this word is a fucking asshat.