94/95 Revival?

A couple of months ago, my Dad asked me what ever happened to Green Day, why they hadn’t stayed as huge as they were in 1994. Blind to the realities of the record industry, and still a Green Day fan, I pointed out that they’d put out numerous albums to varying degrees of success. They’d even been on Behind the Music. What more did he want? Well, I think what he wanted, and what Green Day wanted, and what all their fans wanted, was the success of American Idiot. A terrific Rolling Stone cover story (link goes to excerpt) spoke about their resurgence and it has me wondering, with a new Nine Inch Nails record on the horizon, if we might be in the middle of a 1994/95 revival.

As a hardcore NIN fan for the past decade, I am hopeful that the new single “The Hand That Feeds”, and the album to follow, will launch the band back into the public conciousness. On the one hand, I don’t really care if anyone else likes them as long as I get to hear new NIN. But, on the other hand, I realize that every artist craves a certain amount of acceptance of their work and if Trent doesn’t find success with this record it could be the last one I ever get to hear.

Thankfully, “The Hand That Feeds” is not only a kick-ass NIN song—it is also supremely radio friendly. In much the same way that “American Idiot” and “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” reminded fans of the Green Day sound while still managing to capture the attention of new fans, I think that “The Hand That Feeds” will get substantial airplay and bring old fans back as well as new fans into the fold.

Look at it this way: they don’t even have to deal with the problem of a song that includes the line, “I want to fuck you like an animal” this time. It’s lyrically clean.

Check out the 3/17 update on NIN.com for a video clip featuring the whole song.

So, I’m curious as to what anyone else out there thinks. Do you think we’ll see NIN find success? What about other bands from 94/95 you’d like to see make a resurgence?