Stephanie and I had ourselves a low-key day that ended with dinner at the Olive Garden and watching The Incredibles in our living room. It was the sort of day that I hope will help me turn my attitude around. I didn’t stress out too much. I didn’t feel guilty about too many things. Mainly, I just tried to live my life and be happy about the opportunity to do so.

Aside from dinner and the movie, I did a little bit of work on this webpage, adjusting images and such, which is one of the last things I need to do to make the transition to this new design complete. I played The Sims 2 for a while. I even got some reading in, even though it was just reading of comic books.

The part of the day that caused me frustration was when I went through my e-mail to sort it into my archive folders. I discovered a slew of things I’d forgotten to respond to, including one request by a friend who we haven’t seen in years to get together this weekend. I’m certain that our friends are tired of our excuses for why we suck as friends. It made me sad that we’d blown it again.

But, I tried not to dwell on that. After all, my innermost parts want to believe that I’m blowing that whole situation out of proportion, that people understand we’ve been crazy these last couple of years with our Masters’ programs. Instead of dwelling, I just tried to keep myself occupied with other things.

And, for the most part, it worked.