An Interesting Proposition

As I’ve mentioned before, Stephanie and I being home all day together is an interesting proposition. She is such a go-getter, especially now that she has the monkey of her sometimes abusive job off of her back. I, on the other hand, like to linger around the house, to take things slow, to do as little as possible. These two attitudes, as you might imagine, make for quite a clash. But, it’s a loving clash. What was nice about today was that I just got to spend some time with the woman I love and there was very little negativity in the air.

I haven’t really felt this way about she and I in years, this secure about our relationship and the family we started together when we married almost four years ago. Now that we are both out of the unhealthy working environments that caged us for years, we seem to be getting back to the people we were in college, and in the immediately ensuing years. I’ve already found a part-time job that is much more fulfilling. I’m sure she’ll find something soon as well.

It’s good times, I think. We’ll see if that all pans out.

We play a silly game in the car to combat my defeatism when it comes to the bearing children thing. She is more sure than ever, now that we’ve begun fertility testing, that we’ll be able to have kids. Me, on the other hand—I’m seeming more and more convinced that we’re doomed. To combat my fears, we play the naming game. I throw out a name, often inspired by a sign we just passed or something of that nature, and she vetoes it or she approves.

We had names picked out a long time ago. But, as was apt to happen, those names have fallen out of favor in the Clark household. Only one of the four we cooked up ages ago is still in contention. But, we did come up with another one today, for a girl, that would be original, yet also honor a family tradition from each side of our family.

No, I’m not spilling the beans.