Website Ideas

What to do when you realize that every angle you have on a particular day is something you’ve already discussed ad nauseum in your journal… That’s the position I’m in today. I think, after three plus years of writing this thing every day, I am starting to see why nobody keeps up that schedule for so long. Or else, if they do, they turn to proper blogging—writing about world events, or silly news stories, and such.

I have been thinking about some silly website projects lately, and perhaps that’s what I’ll share.

  1. Pop Bubblegum Trash band site
    I’m really intrigued by the ever-changing designs of band websites. I thought about using the back-catalog of my semi-defunct one-man-band to create the look and feel of a band website. Maybe it would even prompt me to finish the six or seven tracks I’ve had lying around for the past three or four years.
  2. Comic Book Collection Online
    I’ve always wanted to take stock of my comic book collection in some sort of database. There are programs out there specifically devoted to this, but they’re prohibitively expensive for me right now. Plus, why not share my collection with the world wide web, so that everyone out there can see what a pathetic loser I am?
  3. Relaunch
    This one I’m pretty serious about doing. I want to relaunch as a strictly family-oriented site, with the family history taking center stage. I’d like to clean up the design and upgrade the program running the back end. Neither task would take all that much effort, as far a I can see. This will be coming, I’m sure, in short order.

But, before I do any of that, I need to finish the last details of the most recent upgrade to this site. There are still photos to be resized. I still have to generate oodles of Who’s Who records, check each page for valid XHTML, link the What’s What pages into journal itself, write a better “How’d I Do That” article on this site, put up screenshots of the previous looks of this site for posterity, and get a couple of regular contributors to the SoapBox.

If anyone knows of a program that will go through a site and validate the code of every page, let me know. It has to be an online app, because the pages for this site don’t exist on a local machine in any format that can be easily scanned.