I did get a bit of writing done before we headed to my parents’ house for Easter, which was quite nice. And then we had a fun visit with my family, eating lots of desserts, playing and talking with my cousins, and watching The Incredibles (or trying to, at least). We ended the evening by looking at an old photo album of my grandmother’s that none of us had ever seen, which was a special treat all in itself.

I took some pictures but time prohibits me from getting them up at this point. It’s interesting that nobody in my family likes having their picture taken, except for me. And I’m always the one with the camera lately! Silly stuff.

Our fertility tests begin in earnest this week, which led to a clash of Stephanie’s optimism and my pessimism on the ride home. In general though, we’re both excited about the prospect of getting some answers.

I’m excited because I found out that another of my relatives is pregnant. With kids in my extended family, it always seems to happen in groups, even on different sides of the family who aren’t related. So, I had one cousin who had a child late last year and I have another cousin who will give birth later in the fall. This means good things for us, I think. But we’ll see. I don’t want to get my hopes up.

Regardless, I had a great day spending time with Mom, Dad, Grandma, and all the rest. I got to speak to John on the phone, and I got to spend a day just relaxing, for the most part. So, all was good.