Step One

Stef had the first of her tests this morning and nothing out of the ordinary was found. So, that’s very good. Part of me wants to be frustrated, because that means we still don’t have an answer. But, I tell that part of me to shut the hell up. Because, really, I’m just happy that there’s nothing wrong with my wife.

She had a horrible night sleeping last night and the test left her with periods of discomfort throughout the day, so she’s hit the sack early. I didn’t sleep well last night either (not that I ever sleep well), so I’ll be in there as soon as I’m done typing this. All in all, it was a tiring day for the both of us.

I’m coming up with some great ideas for the novel for when I get back to it on Wednesday. I had hoped to have a little energy to work on it tonight, but that just was not meant to be. And tomorrow night I’ll probably want to get to bed early so that I get my “specimen” to the doctor’s office on time on Wednesday morning.

Better read those instructions soon.