Walk Like a Bostonian

In the midst of watching a rather classy Oscar telecast I have almost forgotten that are all waiting with baited breath for my latest thoughts on the current melodrama that is my life. While I’m sure you’ll be disappointed to know that since yesterday’s grocery store debacle, things have calmed down considerably. Stef and I had a nice chat about how we’ve been pissed off at each other for a week and that’s all sorted out. Our finances are in order. I feel like I’m going into this week with a fresh perspective and a gameplan, something I couldn’t say last week after my experience with giving up the job. Things are okay. I know that sounds anticlimactic after the last couple of entries but that’s just the way it is.

Jimmy and I walked around Boston today and when I say we walked around Boston, I mean, we really fucking walked. You’re not all from Boston so I’ll spare you the details you might not be able to understand but just trust me when I say we walked a lot. I probably worked off all the junkfood I ate over the past week.

Course, then I came home and ate half of a large pizza from Dominos so I think I pretty much canceled myself out.

Stef and I talked about babies this morning before I went off to hang with Jimmy for the day, and, as always, it was a very interesting conversation. We had been talking to our financial advisor yesterday about buying a house and his response to our question, “Could we buy a house in three years?” was “Why not 24 months?” He was of the opinion that if you just put a date down you would get it done. I told Stephanie this morning that we should look at kids the same way. We need to write down a date, count back nine months from that, and then figure out if we can get everything we need to get done done before then.

We take this whole “starting a family” thing very seriously because I think we both can very easily identify the pitfalls of our home lives growing up and we want to avoid those things. We also want to take the time to figure out how our parents did the things they did right as well. And we want to make sure we’re as prepared for this unpredictable endeavor as possible.

I read a book on fertility while she figured out our finances. Talk about your role reversals. You’d think we were going to pull what they pulled with Arnold back in the day in that cheezy movie, who’s title I can’t remember.

But anyway, that was my Sunday. The Oscars are still on and I have to go watch and see if Denzel wins so that Stef and I can argue about that tomorrow.