The Second Draft is Done

Even amidst these discoveries about our fertility problems, I’ve had to continue work on the behemoth that is my thesis. On Sunday afternoon, just before 5:30, I accomplished what I thought I wouldn’t be able to do this semester: I finished a full draft of the novel. I had been content to hand in two-thirds of it, which is what my previous draft looked like, but a final nudge from my advisor convinced me to make one last push.

Deep inside, I was proud of myself. I could see how much revision work remained ahead of me, but I knew that I’d just accomplished something very special. On the surface, though, things were not so good. I was still reeling from the information I’d been given on Saturday. I was upset about the fact that my car had begun to act strange again. I felt very skittish and all over the place. I did not look the part of someone who had just finished a draft of their thesis. I looked the part of someone who had just started one, and only had twenty-four hours to finish it.

Still, when I try to think back on the day, it’s a day that I’ll remember for a long time. While Stef watched, back to back, the extended editions of The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers, I was upstairs watching the 2004 World Series DVD and writing my last chapter. Just as I couldn’t avoid writing about September 11 in a book that covers that timespan, I couldn’t avoid writing about the Sox winning it all. Maybe it’ll get cut, but I think it serves as a nice backdrop for the very end of the book and it places it in time, which is something I need to work on throughout the rest of the text.

It was a special day, in terms of what I accomplished. I just wish I didn’t feel as overburdened by Friday and Saturday’s news, so that I could more fully enjoy this.