It’s Still Light Out

I try to focus on the little things. It doesn’t always work, as long-time readers and friends can attest to, but I do try. On Monday evening, when I arrived at the train station after a long day at the part-time gig, and it was still light out, that was a moment I’d been waiting for. And I hope you’ll forgive me if I got a little optimistic at the sight of it, if I began to think of the familiar clichés of winter melting away and spring bringing new life.

I’d learned by phone that Stef had been having a rough time getting our fertility clinic on the line. They were supposed to be setting up an appointment with a urologist for me and it didn’t seem to be happening. Add to that the fact that the temp agency was calling her and offering part-time gigs at $10 an hour, which is quite insulting, and you have a recipe for a bad day. She was quite glad I ended up returning her call on my lunch break and I was able to cheer her up a bit. The thing is that we both really just want to get this fertility stuff over with. Now that we know what’s wrong, we hate this dilly-dallying shit.

So, when I saw that it was still light out (thanks to our clocks “springing forward” on Sunday), it gave me just a little bit of hope. It gave me some perspective. And that was nice.