Game 002 - Sox at Yanks (L 4-3)

Damn them Yankees! I’d been checking the score on and on and got all kinds of excited when ‘Tek homered in the top of the ninth. And then fucking Jeter had to go and ruin it with a homer of his own. Fucking Jeter!

Interesting side note: Someone I know actually went to the same high school as Jeter, though not at the same time, and says that he’s heard nothing but good things about that guy.

I know that I’ve written something somewhere about not being able to hate Jeter, but I can’t find it. It might’ve been an e-mail to someone.

Oh well. At least it’s beautiful here in Kenmore Square. The park, though it appears to be perpetually under construction, is totally ready for some baseball. You can feel it in the air around here, man. You really can.

How many more games with the Yankees?