Progress on Several Fronts

Stef finally got the necessary doctors’ offices on the phone today and the result is that the next week will provide a lot of activity on the infertility front. On Sunday, she goes in for the second of her two tests. Next Wednesday, I go in for my appointment with the urologist. And the Saturday after that, we go in for our consultation on what all these tests mean as far as the doctors are concerned. After years of waiting for these answers, I wonder: is there any way to truly be prepared for them?

But, instead of dwelling on what’s to come, I try to keep my focus on other tasks at hand. I have about a week left to deliver the next draft of my thesis manuscript. At this point, I am doing edits mostly for myself. Reports coming in from my fellow students indicate what we had all imagined would be the case—the thesis reader, our second set of editing eyes, offers very little in the way of feedback. They are there, primarily, to put a second stamp of approval on the thing.

Still, these edits are very important to me, and I will do my best to make this manuscript as good as it can be before I hand it in. What my edits will involve is a full read through the book and the addition/adjustment of several scenes which I have predetermined are trouble spots. If, as I read through the book, I find other places that could be punched up, I will do that work as I go along.

It’s an exciting time. I’ve already accomplished so much more than I’d expected to accomplish, and the idea that I get to do even more work on it is thrilling. Working as an artist involves a lot of downs. I’m glad to be on one of the ups, at least as far as my work is concerned.