The Third Draft is Done

At 5:03 PM on Sunday afternoon I completed what I guess you would call draft 3 of my thesis. It was a complete revision of the draft I completed last Sunday and it took about as much out of me as a piece of writing can. But the end-result is something to truly marvel at. I can say to myself, I made this. And, more than that, I made something special.

Working on the last two chapters on Sunday was a true joy. Taking these characters through the last of the hurdles I set out in front of them, before I let them go on and live the rest of their lives… It was great. I’ve tried to write a novel before and the ending wasn’t this satisfying.

Sure, it’ll need a lot more work before any publisher will even want to get near it with that cliched ten-foot pole (or, maybe it won’t), but its somewhere much further along than I ever thought it would be.

I could have flown right off the planet after finishing it. Instead, I went on with life. I went out for my walk, got the blood pumping, and actually managed to to find enough energy to stay up and watch our Sunday evening TV shows with Stef.

And that was that. Now it’s time to relax for a day or so before I get back to work on my craft lecture.