Reverse The Planet

There were more computer problems at home on Monday, which, as you know, I always overreact to. When I went into the bedroom to go to sleep, after having been completely unsuccessful in solving the problem, I told Stephanie not to let me go back out to the office. I would be up all night and I still had work in the morning. This, my friends, is why I need a computer that just fucking works. Because, otherwise, I’ll drive myself nuts trying to figure out what’s wrong with it. And I am not a tech support guy.

The problem this time is that we can’t send e-mails with attachments via our desktop mail program. I haven’t tried it yet using our web interface. There appears to be some sort of process hogging bandwidth or doing something whenever I open the e-mail program. It’s hard to describe. A machine, whether it’s my machine or my web server, is trying to contact I’ve read that this URL is often involved in compromised Linux machines, but haven’t found anything to say it’s a Windows problem. So, perhaps it’s not my problem, by my hosting company’s.

Nevertheless, when Stef is looking for work and has to be able to send out resumes, this is not the sort of problem we want to deal with. It’s not the sort of problem I want to deal with after working three 8-hour days on my manuscript and going right back to my 12/13 hour regular work day.

I’m running AdAware and I’ll do a virus check after that, but I don’t have high hopes. This machine has been screwy ever since HP told me to do a “non-destructive reinstall”. And I don’t have the hard drive space to back everything up and do a clean install. Plus, my DVD/CD burner refuses to burn discs anymore. It’s all just lovely.

Computers suck. I guess I’m just going to have to get used to it. Shit happens to them all the time, people are out there with nothing better to do than to hijack them… It would be better if I just used a typewriter again.

But, at least The Red Sox won. And, don’t take this entry too hard. I’m not that pissed off about it. I just had nothing else to write about.