One of the ethical issues that Wikipedia’s article on IVF cites is that the procedure, “contributes to overpopulation.” And this begs the question: Are we, through our desire to have a child, despite a genetic predisposition towards infertility, contributing to a worldwide problem? Should we sit back and allow fate, or God, or natural selection determine whether we should be allowed to bear offspring?

It’s an interesting question for me. Because, I am inclined to believe that, in the natural order of things, I was not meant to have children. And if that’s the case, who am I to question or defy the natural order of things?

Another side of the argument, the one that Stephanie has taken whenever I’ve brought this up with her, is the notion that there are some people who, because of their stance against birth control, pose a far greater overpopulation threat than we do. They keep popping kids out like they were a factory and if you were to question them, they might argue that I am not meant to have children, and that they are. What’s wrong with their stance, if anything? Aren’t they right?

So, even though I’ll move forward with IVF, if that’s what the doctor suggests on Saturday, I will be asking myself this question in the back of my mind. Am I contributing to a problem that I, myself, wish could be rectified?