Game 010 - Sox vs. Tampa Bay (W 10-0)

Okay, if Wells can’t beat Tampa Bay, I’m going to be worried. I could be really off on this, but doesn’t Tampa Bay redefine the words “suck ass” most of the time? Sure, they’re sporting a record identical to the Sox today, but it’s April. Right?

Of course, Nomo is 1-0 and Wells is 0-2. So, maybe the suckiness (or, I’m sorry, presumed suckiness) of the Devil Rays won’t play a role.

All I know is that I saw Kevin Millar’s Hummer backing out of the player parking/dropoff area when I was on my lunchbreak and if Wells doesn’t win tonight I think Millar should run that big, fat medicine-ball head over with that big-ass truck of his.

I also saw WEEI’s Big Show going down live as I passed by what looked like a brand new, glassed-in studio built into Fenway on the Lansdowne Street side. At least I’ve never seen it there until this season. It was funny to put faces to those voices I listened to so religiously back in the fall.