Game 013 - Sox vs. Blue Jays (W 12-7)

With Toronto a half-game out of first and the Sox a half-game behind them, I think it’s these upcoming series against the Blue Jays and Baltimore that will be really interesting to watch. We’ve gotten the mf’in Yankees out of the way, and we had our field day with Tampa Bay, but how will we do against these two teams at the top of our division? That’s what I’m wondering.

It seems to me, as a relative newcomer to the game, that Baltimore and Toronto have been hanging out, waiting for us and New York to just beat the living piss out of each other so that they’ll have their shot at owning the division when we have nothing left. I remember watching snippets of games against each of these opponents last year and thinking to myself that they were a lot tougher than I imagined they were.

But anyway, we’ll see what happens here in Game 13.