In Short

Because of The Boston Marathon, I had the day off today. That left me with a whole day to kill. And I did nothing. I did absolutely nothing. While Stephanie did chore after chore, only taking breaks to remind me that it was perfectly okay that I was being a total slug after working my ass off these past couple of months, I sat on the bed watching the Red Sox whup the Blue Jays. And then I watched the marathon. And then I listened to the soundtrack to the next Star Wars movie, which I happened to find off in a dark corner of the Internet.

I managed to get a shower in there somewhere, too. And I wrote some e-mail, played on the computer for a bit, and just generally did anything I could to waste my day away. It was, I am happy to say, quite fun.

I’m sure that once I get notes back on my craft lecture, the final piece of my MFA puzzle left to be completed, I will regret that I ever spent an entire day just being lazy. But, for now, it works for me. I needed a rest. And this weekend, that’s what I got.

On Tuesday, it’s back to work for the rest of the week. It should be a better week than last week, as I have no long nights printing copies of my thesis ahead of me. I have no taxes to fill out. There’s nothing wrong with my car that needs to be fixed. (Yes, I did just knock on wood.) There are no cups to pee into, no cups to make deposits into, and no nurses waiting to stick my arm with their sharp-ass needles. In short, it should be a much easier week.

I think.