Just Bring It

So I’m gonna write a script for a dinner theatre. I’m pretty excited. Last night my good friend Ken Mills wrote to me and said he and another friend of his were taking me out to lunch today to discuss me writing a script for their dinner theatre startup. I’ve never written dinner theatre before and I’m raring to go. The three of us ate at an Irish pub in Tewksbury and tossed ideas back and forth. It was great fun and now the work begins. I’ve gotta come up with a first draft by the end of April. Yeah… it’ll be a chore but somehow I don’t see it being a miserable chore.

After lunch KenMills and I played Smackdown: Just Bring It on his Playstation 2 which just rocked my butt. I can’t believe how cool the games for that system are. Makes me sad that I will never own one. That game and Grand Theft Auto 3, which I played at the Virgin Megastore in Boston for a while make me want to go out and blow all of my money on videogames, something I haven’t had the desire to do in quite some time.

We played a few rounds of that and then I came home and finished reading A Density of Souls, the Christopher Rice book I’ve been reading for a few days. I liked it a lot and I miss the characters already. When I return this copy to Jimmy I think I’ll have to buy a copy of the paperback for myself. I went from hating this Christopher Rice cat for being younger and more talented to envying him for being younger and more talented. I find myself in an awkward position now where I feel confident saying, “If he can do it, I can too.”

And to top off today’s basically “fuck responsibility” day, I watched the movie Life as a House this morning, which features Kevin Kline and Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker from Episode II) and was quite good. The younger female lead in the film, Jena Malone I think, I remember her when she was the kid daughter in the movie Stepmom and she was getting down with Hayden in the shower and this one (you didn’t really see anything) and that was kind of weird.

I’m listening to snippets from the Episode II soundtrack right now and I should be shaving as the wife is hoping to go out on a “date” tonight. I’m not sure what we’ll end up doing but it probably won’t be nearly as thrilling as she’s hoping for and I’ll probably fall asleep half-way through whatever it is we do. I’m tired.

Anyway, aren’t you glad I got this up at a decent hour today?