My Wholly Average Blog

I think a lot about the quality of the writing on this site. I may not do a lot about it, but I do think about it. This afternoon, my boss and I got to talking about the prolific nature of some bloggers and how they do it. John Holbo, who edits the ALSC-sponsored blog, The Valve, also writes for his own personal site and for the well-regarded Crooked Timber. And he’s a professor, to boot. My boss asked me how I find time to blog with all the MFA work I’m doing, and I replied that my site was really just a few rungs above verbal diarrhea, that it existed, like something of an exercise routine, to help keep my writing muscles in shape. Just as you wouldn’t expect a marathon runner’s time spent on the treadmill to be inspirational, you wouldn’t expect these pages to be all that earth-shattering. I save my best for my fiction. And he bought that.

But it got me thinking about the quality of the writing here. Could it be better? If I tried just a little harder, thought about each post just a little bit bit longer, and wrote drafts of each post to get my thoughts in order, could I eventually reach the level of the Kottkes, the Mauds, and the Dooces out there?

Wondering about this, I visited Technorati to get an idea what sites had been mentioning me lately, to see if they had anything to say on this subject. I stumbled across a site linking to mine wherein the site’s author offered the following review of my work here at the Bastad:

December 28, 2004

I’ve been ragging on other people’s blogs quite a bit. Therefore, as a form of penance paying on my Karma account, I’ve found a guy’s blog worthy of noting.
He’s not funny. (I am.)
He’s not witty. (I am.)
He’s not good with words. (I could be.)
He’s not a Republican. (Me either.)
BUT he does manage to tell honest stories about his everyday life in a way that’s interesting to read.

Truth be told, none of what I write here is particularly interesting. It’s not insightful, dramatic or meaningful.
But God-Damn is it funny.
Go check out this guy’s mildly interesting, well written, and and wholly average blog HERE.

I’m not sure how the site can be well written when I’m supposedly not good with words, but I’ll take the compliment. And I’d like to think that somewhere, in the ten-plus years of writing represented on this site, that somewhere I have been funny at least once. But I’ll take the author’s word for that, too. Perhaps funny is something I’m just not.

The reviewer appreciates my honesty, though. That’s a comfort. At least I’m doing something right.

You know what, though? I’ll take my “wholly average blog”, man. I’ll admit that I’m not often funny, that my wit has never been what you’d call sharp, and I’ll even admit that I don’t quite speech the English as goodly as some out there. But I’m happy with what I do here. It may be a mess, but it’s my mess, and I love it so.

Finding this review was good for me. It helped me get my head out of the clouds and get realistic about this website. It is what it is. If I ever write another ponderous entry on the quality of my site’s writing, feel free to tell me I’m a jackass and link me right back here.