Game 016 - Sox at Baltimore (W 1-0)

After a downright dominating performance by David Wells last night, what will Matt Clement have in store for us this evening? I have to admit, flipping between the Sox game and the Celtics game last night, I was feeling pretty good as a Beantown sports fan. Sure, the Celts lost, but the way the young guys were playing was amazing! They were holding their own against the Nets first team. And then, to flip back to the Sox game and see Wells just pitching one good inning after another—it was great fun.

So, I’m interested in seeing what Clement will do. I had written off these two games when I took a look at the schedule last week, but now I see we might actually do better against Baltimore than I’d previously thought.

Anyway, if you tire of this drivel, or if you don’t have anything in particular to say about tonight’s game, go read Beth’s post on baseball in general, and the loss the other night, in particular. It’s quite good.