Don’t Do It, Tedy

Eric Wilbur write a really good-hearted plea to Tedy Bruschi today on In short, he’s telling Tedy that he shouldn’t even consider coming back this season, that he should take a year off and see what happens with his help. “Don’t push it, Tedy,” is what he seems to be saying. And I join that chorus.

It may be a bit saccharine, but I think this passage from Wilbur’s piece is right on the money:

When New England learned of your health concerns, the first image that popped into its inhabitants? minds wasn?t the kneel-down in the end zone following an interception against Miami. It wasn?t any particular sack or tackle. It wasn?t the three fingers you raised after winning Super Bowl XXXVIX, just before catching owner Bob Kraft in a bear hug.

No, the reflection most of us had was of you rolling around on the Alltel Stadium field hours before game time with your two boys. That?s what matters. In the end, it is all that matters.

Tedy’s always been one of my favorite players. And that moment with his boys just before the Superbowl even more firmly cemented his status, in my eyes, as a guy who could do no wrong. Believe me, I want to see Tedy on that field in September. There isn’t anything I’d like to see more. But only if it’s safe, man. Like Wilbur says, we don’t need another Reggie Lewis.