We finally got the windshield replaced on my car today and they actually made us pay for it. For about five minutes, I was irate. I thought that our insurance was supposed to cover it. But apparently we have a five-hundred dollar deductable, whatever that means. I quickly calmed myself and got on with my life, but the whole situation sucked just the same.

It ended up costing us three hundred dollars or so. That’s three hundred dollars or so that we don’t have to blow. But, whatever. I told Stephanie I wouldn’t have even bothered to have it done if I’d known. The problem was only a small crack near the bottom of the thing. It wasn’t like it was smashed or anything. But, she reminded me, she’d insisted. It was her fault. Things got yucky for a few minutes while we argued who’s fault it was, but then things were better.

I really hate that we had to pay for it. And I don’t have anything more to say about it.