The highlight of my day, in all honesty, was watching a Celtics game. For the first time in three or so years, I avoided watching the NFL Draft and instead spent the day wasting time on the computer, wasting time driving around southern New Hampshire, and wasting time doing other assorted things. But, when eight o’clock rolled around and the Celts came on, that’s when things finally got interesting.

The starters couldn’t get a shot to fall to save their lives. They were getting good looks, but nothing was going in. And they were playing alright on the other side of the court, but if they didn’t start to get something going, that wasn’t going to matter. You do have to score at some point if you want to win.

So, Doc inserts the second unit and all of a sudden it starts to turn around. Ricky Davis is playing like a madman. Marcus Banks is stealing balls from the Pacers before they even reach half-court. And all of a sudden the Celtics are in the lead and they aren’t looking back. Our bench is taking on their starters and making them look like a bunch of putzes.

It was the most entertaining basketball game I’ve seen in quite some time. It helped to further my foolhardy dream that maybe, just maybe, the Celts could pull off the impossible and win it all against a field of playoff competitors that are clearly better teams than them. I mean, I’ve always thought they stood a good chance of getting out of the first round, but beyond that… Beyond that only a fool could hope that it would work out.

But wouldn’t it be fabulous, though? Sox, Pats, and Celts, all winning their respective championships within a year of one another? We Boston fans would never be able to bitch about sports again, that is if we aren’t already banned from doing so because of the events of last October.

Well, anyway, watching the Celtics really brightened my mood, which had gone quite sour. So, for that, I thank them.