What Some Sundays Are For

It was another day of sitting on the couch, trying to figure out what to do with myself. On Sunday, I didn’t resist the urge to watch the NFL Draft’s second day. It was boring as all hell, but I watched anyway. And I didn’t resist the urge to watch back-to-back airings of Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, despite the fact that they were showing the inferior 1997 versions (as opposed to the superior originals or the somewhat superior 2004 DVD rerelease).

I did get out in the morning to meet up with Mort in the parking lot of Shaws, just before grocery shopping. He was hooking Stef and I up with some seats to a New Hampshire Fisher Cats game on Tuesday. It was interesting how afterward we kept bumping into each other while doing our shopping. I think there is a story there, having to do with people realizing things about what their neighbors and/or friends buy at the grocery store.

But, after that, I just spent my day on the couch, pondering my existence, navel-gazing. Oh well, though. That’s just what some Sundays are for.