Does Tom Cruise?

Via, I found this great little site which describes a game where, “you have to think of people whose name makes a complete sentence.” Strangely enough, I’ve been looking for a link like this since I first gained exposure to the Internet.

You see, I have this faint memory of a comedy competition on HBO or Comedy Central or something, back in the day, where comedians competed for a chance to star in the next National Lampoon’s movie. At the time, it seemed like it had been ages since there had been any National Lampoon’s flicks, so that didn’t seem like such a great prize. But, there was a guy whose entire bit revolved around people whose names made complete sentences.

He’d just ask, one after the other, “Did John Hancock? What happens when Tom Waits? What exactly does Chevy Chase?”

It doesn’t sound funny now, but it was funny as all hell back then. And this was the guy that won the competition, though I can’t remember his name or what movie he was eventually supposed to have starred in.

Anyway, I’m glad to finally find a place that appreciates that particular brand of humor as much as I do.