Game 021 - Sox vs. Baltimore (L 11-8)

Can Clement turn this thing around? I’m not sure what’s going on with the team this week, as I haven’t been able to watch any games in a couple of days, but I’m hoping they come out of this, whatever it is that they’re in—a funk, the dumps, whatever. As Beth mentioned earlier today, “the Orioles are beginning to move from “pesky” to “scary”” and I think its time we got back to bidness.

Because, let’s be honest, none of us wants another game that can be described like this:

Last night’s game was like having your girlfriend over after school while your parents aren’t home, but by the time you get her to make out with you it’s like 5:00 and your dad is due home at any time and you end up getting half a handjob because right when shit is starting to get good you hear the car door slam in the driveway.

No, sir. I certainly do not want another game like that.

Anyway, I’ll be watching the New Hampshire Fisher Cats  take on the Harrisburg Senators up in the new stadium in Manchester, so I’ll leave it to you fine folks to fill me in.