Anniversary at the Doctor’s Office

We spent the first half of our fourth anniversary in the doctor’s office. It was a productive visit that saw us leaving with a plethora of new information, but it still felt a little weird that this was how we were spending this most special of days. In the end, there were no flowers for Stephanie and no gadgets for me. There was simply the understanding that doing this, going through all this effort to start a family, was our anniversary gift to each other.

The IVF process will take about two and a half months for us. If all goes well, we should know whether we’ve been successful or not by the beginning of July. And if we’re successful, if everything goes exactly according to plan, we could be welcoming our first child by the middle of March 2006.

But, when has everything in my life ever gone exactly according to plan?

Regardless of how it goes, it was nice to finally have the whole process explained to us. Starting with the first day of Stef’s next cycle, they’ll begin to shutdown her reproductive system using a combination of birth control and other drugs. Then, when they’re sure that everything is shut down, they sort-of supercharge her system, for lack of a better word, so that it will produce more eggs than normal and so that they can dictate exactly when she’ll ovulate.

Sometime towards the end of June, they’ll call her into the office to extract the eggs from her. I’ll come into the office to provide what they need from me. Three days after that, they’ll call us back in and implant the two best-looking embryos back into her. And then, twelve days after that, they’ll do a pregnancy test.

For someone like me, who likes having a schedule in front of him, this was the best thing that could have happened. Sure, Stef’s body could go wonky this month or next. A million other little things could screw us up, but it’s nice to see, in black and white, exactly what our next two months will look like.

We left the doctor’s office feeling very positive, except for me bitching and moaning about the four vials of blood they had to draw from me, and then we spent the rest of the day together doing just about nothing. We ended the day with a viewing of Garden State, one of my/our favorite films of recent memory.

And I guess that is good enough for an anniversary, after all. We got to spend the day together, even if it was in a doctor’s office, and that’s more than some couples can say, more than she and I have been able to say in the past. So, all is well. All is well.