The Fire Escape Door

I manned the office by myself today, as my boss was out of town for a family emergency. And I had a lot to do, which was great because it made the day fly by. But someone on our floor insisted on keeping the door to the fire escape open. We’re on the fifth floor and it wasn’t all that warm, so I ended up wearing my jacket for most of the afternoon. There are days when keeping that door open has made sense, but today wasn’t one of them.

Still, I guess the cold just made me work harder. When I saw the list of things that needed to get done this morning, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get through it all. But when I did get through it all at the end of the day it felt like a major accomplishment.

And this is why I don’t mind driving into Boston four days a week. I work for an organization whose mission I respect, for a boss that makes coming into the office each day an easy, easy thing, and I do work that doesn’t drain me of all creativity as some jobs in the past have.

That doesn’t keep me from being tired, though. I still come home and want to pass out. What I really need to work on is some way in which to increase my energy at the end of the day. If I ever hope to continue writing while working this job, I need to find a couple of hours each day where I’ll have the energy to write.

But, it’s nice to not feel like I’m selling my soul for the almighty buck.