Saturday Recap

By two o’clock or so, I was sick and tired of writing about Andre Dubus, so I left the house to get some lunch. I had been working all morning on the craft lecture component of my MFA graduating requirements. I’ll be speaking generally about short fiction which utilizes multiple POVs, and specifically about the dual-POV technique employed by Dubus in “Townies”. It’s an interesting topic—to me, at least—but there comes a certain point where you’ve just had enough. And that point was around two o’clock.

I set out for the Mall of New Hampshire. Stef was having lunch back at the house and chose not to join me. I blared the radio a bit, got there in decent time, and was about to step out of the car when my cellphone started going off. I picked up and it was Shera, calling from Missouri. I’d promised to give her a call, like, weeks ago. But, I’m a sucky friend lately, as we all know, and I forgot.

Anyway, that wasn’t the focus of our conversation. She had just finished up her craft lecture and sent it off by mail, (I have a couple of extra days, because my advisor has allowed me to e-mail it) and we talked about that weight being lifted off of our shoulders. We talked about the goings on in our lives. We talked and talked. In the end, we talked for about forty-five minutes.

I hadn’t even gotten out of the car yet. My stomach, which had been anticipating lunch, was very angry with me. So, I went inside and sated myself with a McDonalds Quarter-Pounder and then mosied around the mall.

All in all, the day was terribly average. After I got home, I ended up finishing up my reading of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, rather than finish the last bits of my craft lecture. And after that, during dinner, we watched back-to-back episodes of a History Channel show called Zero Hour. The first episode focused on the Columbine Massacre, the second on Chernobyl. It was a good time.

That was about when Stef went up to bed. I flipped over and watched the ends of both the Celtics game and the Sox game and was pleasantly surprised to see each of them pull off a win.

And that was that.