Game 026 - Sox at Detroit (W 5-3)

Paranoid little girly-man that I am, I’ve been wondering if this series of SoapBox entries on Sox games might be jinxing the team. They are, in some small part, an acknowledgment that I am far more invested in the team this season and traditionally, when I am more invested in a sports franchise, things tend to go downhill. This has not been the case with the Patriots, except for the 2002 season, after they won their first championship, but the Pats are more the exception than the rule.

So, I have had thoughts of skipping my coverage for a game or two to see if this has any effect. Curt says the good chemistry is gone, but I’m starting to think it might just be a Clark-related jinx.

Silly, I know. But, what can you do? I’m a silly guy.

Anyway, it’s Halama versus Maroth tonight. Can the Sox make it out of the 313 alive? We’ll see, man. We’ll see.