Are We Nothing But Fools?

It occurred to me halfway through today that in the five years I’ve been producing a webpage I have never once pulled an April Fool’s stunt. That simply had to change and from the numbers adding up on the counter today I can safely say that the joke attracted a host of visitors. It may not have amused everybody. In fact, since I’ve received no feedback, I can’t rule out that it didn’t amuse anyone at all. But I did get a lot of people today trying to figure out what the hell was going on. And that I guess, is all I could ask for.

For those of you who missed out on the April Fool’s version of The Bastad, I have forever immortalized it in it’s very own corner of the site. Basically the idea was to replicate the site as I came up with the idea rather late in the day so I didn’t get to do as many customizations as I would have liked but I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.

The idea came to me late because this morning was a whirlwind of message-taking, novel editing, and aborted to-do list making. I started out the day with such good intentions and ended it trying to stop my head from spinning. It was a classic case of what happens when a day gets away from you within five minutes of waking up.

This past week I have been committing myself to finally tackling the editing of the first draft of my novel. (And I should probably devote some time to editing that last sentence too.) Every morning I wake up and I devote an hour to the manuscript. I usually save my to-do list writing till afterwards to keep my mind uncluttered. Today I was getting calls from Stacey and from Stephanie as we tried to coordinate a meeting between somebody Stacey works with and Stephanie. Stef can’t take any phonecalls at work so the guy had to call me and then I had to relay the message to Stef and for the past week Stacey has been trying to get him to make the call to us. My day is punctuated by constant calling from Stacey and from Stef trying to see if I’ve heard anything yet. By the end of the day the appointment was made and everyone was happy but boy was I frustrated. I don’t mind the outside communication. It’s nice in fact. It helps to break the monotony of being alone in the apartment all day. But gee-whiz, I just couldn’t help getting frustrated because I never had any good news to give them when they called.

When I finished my manuscript editing and when I’d finally managed to do all the in-betweening that needed to be done I ate my lunch and I worked the April Fools page. After that I took some time to go outside and grab a few necessities from the grocery store.

Later in the afternoon I finally tackled the unenviable task of trying to pull the handle of a pizza-cutter out of our sink without cutting my hand to shreds on our garbage disposal. The handle was caught and I had to break it into pieces to get it out. I hammered a screwdriver through the center of it and then scooped out the pieces. I was happy to finally get rid of the damn thing because our sink was starting to reek since we couldn’t use the disposal but I ended up with a killer fucking headache that is just subsiding now.

To calm myself down I decided to begin a month-long project to commemorate my upcoming first wedding anniversary. Stef and I run a seperate site,, which is devoted to our family and our wedding and every day this month I’ll be adding ten new photos from the wedding in an attempt to finally get all that stuff up there, a task which was started just weeks after the wedding and has dragged on the whole year.

All in all it was tumultuous but productive day. I didn’t get to do any prep work for my job interview tomorrow but it’s in the afternoon so if I get to bed soon I’ll have the morning to get ready. That being said, I’m gonna sign off for now and promise you more excitement tomorrow.

And for those of you who saw the April Fools page and are wondering where the nude pictorial of me is… well, maybe someday if I figure out how to charge a subscription fee you’ll see the whole sheebang.