A Tiny Little Dot

Predictably, the highlight of my day was finally getting my hands on a copy of the new Nine Inch Nails record. As I suggested might happen in my SoapBox post on the subject, a strong wind blew me out of Kenmore Square towards Best Buy on my quickie lunch break. I have now listened to the album twice all the way through and I’m hitting select tracks a third time as I type this. You don’t want my opinion. You know my opinion and, really, we don’t need more gushing on NIИ from me.

Still, give me a moment to rejoice in the fact that a mere ten days from now I will be dragging my tired old ass into the Orpheum to see this band live, to revel amidst the armies of younger, cooler people who will undoubtedly give me dirty looks for liking the same band they do.


Anyway, I’m flipping back and forth between the backend of my webpage and the ESPN.com page I have up to tell me how the Celts are doing. They’re blowing it again, which sucks, and is quite a downer, considering that this fucking amazing album is blasting through my headphones. I should stop looking, but I can’t.

I know, I know… Why don’t you pay attention to us, Chris? You started this damn entry. Why don’t you finish it before you go running off to get your damn basketball updates? This is all very rude of you, Chris, and we don’t appreciate it.

Uhm… yes, I am tired. Yes, I have problems.

And yes, the Celtics just lost. Fucking Indiana.