Ginger Spice’s Other Name

For much of the day on Saturday, I was consumed by my quest to figure out the answer to a most obscure trivia question: What was Geri Halliwell’s original Spice Girl name? Every information outlet on the ‘net proclaims that her name was always Ginger Spice. But, I disagree. I remember there being some other name for her when they first came out, and that the original name was somewhat naughty or something, so they started calling her Ginger instead. I am not wrong about this, but I can find no one to support me.

This, folks, is the kind of thing I guess I’ll be wondering about, now that I’m done with my thesis. I had imagined a massive final push for myself this weekend but, in the end, I only ended up working on it for a couple of hours. My passion for the project was gone. As I read through it, I hated it. And I know better than to keep working at a project of mine when I’m hating it. So, I decided it was done. For now, I will work on it no more.

When I went downstairs to tell Stef, she took it as good news. Congratulations were in order. But then I began to explain what being done with it was making me feel like, and the rest of the day became a roller coaster of emotion. I had truly come to know the truth in the old adage, “A piece of writing/art is never done. It’s just abandoned.”

That’s how I felt. I know I’ll get back to it, but right now I feel as if I’ve abandoned it.

So, I concerned myself with silly tasks like trying to figure out Ginger Spice’s other name. I watched and regretted watching the Celtics game. I came upstairs and laid on the floor of my office and finally listened to the Sigur Ros album that JonMartin hooked me up with ages ago. It was perhaps the best idea I’d had all day. The music, which is so hard to describe, calmed me. I made it through two thirds of track 7 before I felt overwhelmed with sleepiness and calm. And then I went to bed.

I’m done. I just hope I’m not finished.