Chunka, Chunka Burnin Love

It’s been years since I last used the software program Quark Xpress, (which I often referred to as Quack Distress back in the day when I was using all the fucking time,) but somehow I was able to help Jon out with a Quark problem tonight and it felt really good to get back on the bike so to speak. After another confusing job interview today where I felt half-good because I presented myself well, and half-bad because I felt like I didn’t leave a good enough impression, it was comforting to find something to do that I knew I was good at.

I interviewed at a company in Waltham today and I thought I did a pretty good job. I certainly looked professional, if nothing else. Me in a suit still boggles my mind, but I digress. The interview ran about a half hour and I think I was more on top of my game then I have been previously but something just didn’t sit right with me afterwards. Something wasn’t kosher.

You see I don’t think I came out with as good an idea of what they do there as I would like, and the conception that I do have of their business leads me to believe it wouldn’t necessarily be a big hoot. I thought I did a good job but on the way home I wondered why I had, and what was the point of going after a company that didn’t really interest you.

If they called up and offered me a second interview tomorrow I would take it, but I feel uneasy about this one. I don’t think it’s a good fit yet. I’m not sure I would do well there and by God, I think I have the right to wait around for something that I will fit well into. Don’t I? So long as I don’t run out of severance or unemployment, don’t I have the option to wait for the right opportunity?

It’s all very confusing, this mess I’ve gotten myself into. I don’t recommend getting laid off if you can help it. Being unemployed is for the birds.