14 Children and Pregnant Again

In between monkeying around with code for this website and taking road trips to get out of the house, I spent a good deal of time on Sunday watching baby-related television shows with Stef. There was one on IVF specifically and another on the so-called Genius Sperm Bank. But the most amusing show we watched throughout the day was titled, 14 Children and Pregnant Again. Try as I might to not be judgmental, when I watched this I couldn’t help but scoff at these people and their ways.

I did admire their organization and the fact that the mother and father had managed their finances very well in the early days in order to afford such a large brood. And I admired the apparent closeness in the family. But all the girls wore the same dress and weren’t allowed to cut their hair; the father didn’t believe in “dating”, even for his sixteen and seventeen year olds; and, worst of all, they shopped at Wal-Mart.

They did own a Power Mac, which I thought was strange. And there wasn’t any George W. Bush signage on their undersized lawn or on the rear bumper of their oversized van. Maybe they were good people, but I just couldn’t imagine living that way. The narrator even hinted that the next time they visited this family, there might be yet another bun in the oven.

Listen: I’d be happy with just one kid, okay. Just one. I’d like two, maybe three, but I’d be happy with just one. Watching a show like this, focusing on a couple that can seemingly procreate at will, was probably not the best way to spend my Sunday afternoon. But I found entertaining, almost like watching a car accident, and I guess that’s all you can hope for.

To be entertained, that is. Not to be in a car accident.

Fifteen kids? Oy vey.