Printed and Bound

In the morning, I finally gave myself a few minutes to type out my acknowledgements page. And then, after checking through the whole manuscript one last time, I burnt it to CD and brought it to Kinkos to have it printed and bound. I’m still in disbelief. It’s actually done. There will be no more changes, no more agonizing, no more hating it because it’s beautiful. Nope. It’s done. My thesis is finally finished.

Of course, in two month’s time I’ll be reopening the damn thing to work on it again, but then it won’t be for credit anymore. It’ll be for me. And so, I think I can feel confident in saying it’s done (for now).

The rest of the day was exactly what you’d expect out of a day spent in stunned disbelief. I couldn’t get anything done. I couldn’t even focus enough to do something enjoyable, like play a video game or watch a movie. I was just completely scatter-brained. I did manage to do a little bit more work on this website, but what I was doing was a really menial task and didn’t require a lot of brainpower.

And I did manage to visit far too many blogs and journals focusing on IVF and infertility, getting myself all worked up about how often this process seems to fail for people. I guess it was partly my goal to take on as much of the stress of our situation as possible, because Stef being stressed during this process will be very bad. Still, I’m getting a little too stressed out. And, seeing as I haven’t done my small part of the process yet, I better calm down.

Anyway, I do still manage to find pockets of amusement in my day. For instance, my referrers page continue to be a constant source of hilarity. So, at least I’ve got that. I better just look at it a bit more often.