Most of Wednesday was terribly uneventful. I did, however, have a very profound moment at one point while thinking about my parents and Stef’s parents and how we seem to be their only hope at the moment for any grandchildren. Now, I don’t want anyone to think I feel pressure from either my parents or my in-laws—I don’t. That’s not even what this moment was about. What I got to thinking about was how lucky my children would be to have all four of their grandparents around for the bulk of their lives.

Though all four of my grandparents were alive when I was born, I had lost one on either side of the family before I’d even entered kindergarten. My memories of both Grandma Tebo and Grandpa Clark are vague at best. And that makes me very sad. I did have two wonderful grandparents growing up, and I’m thankful for that, but, as every parent wishes more for their children, I wish for my children a whole handful of doting grandparents.

Now, it doesn’t appear to me that we’re in danger of losing any of our parents anytime soon, but it’s the randomness of life that was getting to me during that moment on Wednesday. What if something did happen? I don’t even want to think about it. These four men and women who raised my wife and I… they’re special people. They’re crazy, wonderful, one of a kind people and I don’t want to imagine a scenario in which my children grow up without significant interaction with each of them.

It was a very shortlived moment, not one that I dwelled on for very long, but it did really strike me. Stef grew up with three grandparents (and even a couple of great grandparents) and I grew up with two. My Dad grew up with none. None of this is coming together really well. The point is that I think a grandparent is a very important thing, a connection to the past for a child, and… And, well, I just wish we could hurry up and have ourselves a kid, dammit!