Jon and Chris’s Excellent Adventure

I was so proud of myself at 9:35 this morning when I finished writing my to-do list. I hadn’t written one in days and I had been blaming my lack of productivity on that lack of preparation. I was so proud of myself and then Jon called and I threw my to-do list aside and we set out on a most excellent adventure. You see, George Carlin came out of nowhere in this kick-ass telephone booth and then… Well that’s not really what happened. What happened is actually kind of sad and I’m sure you don’t want to hear about it. [Insert Pregnant Pause]  Oh, okay, I’ll tell you…

There are some days when you just have to throw the fucking to-do list to the wind and forget about it. I got maybe two things on my list done today but it was a small price to pay for a day that harkened back to the good ole days of JonMartin and Chris misadventures. Sure, things didn’t turn out quite as well as we would have liked but they never, ever do. I’m convinced that things fuck up on Jon and I so we’ll always have something to talk about later on. That’s why my Ford Tempo lasted for as long as it did… So that Jon and I would always have crazy car stories to tell.

Today’s Excellent Adventure, which you might also classify as a Bogus Journey, principally involved two things. The first was the repair of Jon’s car (‘twas very strange that I was helping someone drop their car off at the shop instead of vice-versa). The second was the repair of my Linux box. We had no control over the fixing of the car. We assumed we had some control over the fixing of the computer. Well, I’m here to tell you, I’ll be damned if that machine didn’t bend us over the arm of a sofa and make us its bitches.

I sat, mostly bewildered, as Jon argued with the Linux box for hours on end. We whimpered quite a bit and it didn’t help that all the while we were waiting for the call from the auto repair shop to find out how hard they were going to screw him. We finally gave up on the machine about the same time the call came in from the car place.

Today… it was like The World’s Biggest Gangbang IV, except with no Astroglide, and every guy in the place is hung like John Holmes on two week’s worth of Viagra.

It was that bad.

But I’m laughing about it now because at least Jon and I shared the experience. A few weeks ago when my computer crashed hard-core in the middle of the night, I was all alone. I’m sure there’ve been times in the recent past where things have fucked with Jon where he just wished there was someone there to keep him company. Thankfully I have an understanding Stephanie and he has an understanding Vanessa. But there are times when they aren’t around or they are asleep and well… I was just happy that we hung out today, okay?

The silver lining today is very simple. Thanks to today’s events I already have a to-do list for tomorrow. Pretty suh-weet if you ask me.