A TV Show Set Inside a Fertility Clinic?

Among the new shows added to NBC’s Fall Lineup, (announced today), is a show called Inconceivable. It stars Jonathan Cake (“Fallen”) and Ming-Na (NBC’s “ER”) and it’s set inside a fertility clinic.

Honestly, don’t TLC and the Discovery Channel have the market cornered on this crap? Do we really need an hour long drama about the process too? Just watching the scene between Miles and his ex-wife towards the end of Sideways was enough to get me riled up. I don’t need to be subjected to an hour each week of people in my situation.

I know, I know. Just don’t watch it. But it’ll be like a trainwreck. How will I be able to not watch?

It does give me some hope that there’s a writer from Desperate Housewives attached to it, but look at the some of the other projects the writers have been attached to in the past. This is from the AICN write-up.

* Inconceivable.  Hourlong, from writers Marco Pennette (“All About The Andersons,” “I’m With Her,” “What I Like About You”) and Oliver Goldstick (“American Dreams,” “Desperate Housewives”) about a fertility clinic. It stars Ming-Na (“ER”) and Jonathan Cake (“The American Embassy”).

At least with their track records, it won’t last long.