My Name is Earl?

As if setting an hour-long drama in an infertility clinic wasn’t enough, NBC also announced today that they’ll be premiering a half-hour comedy titled, My Name is Earl next season. Could we stop with the making fun of ChrisClark here? Is all of this really necessary? Aren’t I self-deprecating enough for these people?

The upside of this, as NewsAskew reports, is that the new series will star Jason Lee (Chasing Amy, The Incredibles). If it weren’t for Jason Lee, I think I would have to write a strongly worded letter of complaint to the execs at NBC. Because, really, this is going too far.

You all may think Earl is a funny name, reserved for moronic bank robbers in shitty Eddie Murphy movies and RV-owners married to women named Darla, but there are a great many Earls in the world who don’t fit the stereotype. I swear!

Why are you all laughing at me?