More Star Wars

The first thing I did on Friday morning was look for the earliest showing of Revenge of the Sith in my area. Stef was going to a job interview, I had the day off, and I was dying to see the thing again. It turned out that the theater in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts, just over the border, had a 10:30 AM showing. And so, I got in my car, drove to the theater, and took in the new movie for the second time in a little more than twelve hours.

Am I a freak? You bet I am. And I’m proud of it, too.

The second viewing was amazing. The sound in this theater was leaps and bounds ahead of the theater in Lowell, which is actually a newer, supposedly more modern venue. And the film really slowed down for me. If I had any complaints the first time, they would have been related to pacing. The first time, it seemed as if everything was happening too fast. But the second time was perfect. No complaints.

Stef and I arrived back home at about the same time. She’d had a horrible job interview, so, for a moment, I felt guilty. But I let her vent to me and we were all good. We went out for lunch and when we came back I made the crazy suggestion that now, both of us having seen Episode III of the Star Wars saga, we might consider rewatching Episode IV, A New Hope (otherwise known as the original Star Wars).

That she agreed to this is one of the many reasons I love my wife.

So, we watched. She, being tired from our late night the night before, and from her shitty interview, fell asleep during parts. But I stayed up and I watched and it was great.

Later in the afternoon, I ended up skipping through parts of The Empire Strikes Back with the commentary playing. And in the evening, after watching an intimidating instructional video on the injections I’ll have to give Stef during the coming months, we ended up watching bits of Return of the Jedi as well.

So, predictably, I let my Star Wars fixation get the best of me today. But, it is what it is. I love these movies and I’m not going to apologize.